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Wide Circle

Lincolnshire - Belgium

Belgium +32 476417606

Gerry Murray

Gerry works with leadership teams to enable them to engage and inspire their people and take performance to higher levels of excellence.

After beginning his career in sales and marketing management, he subsequently spent over 9 years in the world headquarters of DHL, including several years as head of leadership communications.

Since 2003, he has worked with a wide variety of clients in industries such as: logistics, steel, aluminium, petrochemicals, polymers, automotive, industrial equipment, pharma and the EU institutions. He is the author of "Exploring the Future of Work: Insights for Leaders and their Teams", which is available free on request.

An award-winning musician, Gerry transfers his extensive performing experience into the corporate world, particularly when it comes to coaching leaders to be better presenters and public speakers. A firm believer in having a healthy mind-body balance, he regularly practices yoga, runs, cycles and swims.

Gerry has a degree in French & Linguistics from University College Dublin and an MBA from Manchester Business School, where he specialised in Managerial Psychology. He is a Master NLP Coach and Trainer and an accredited Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) consultant.

An Irish national, Gerry lives in Belgium and works internationally.

Area of Expertise:

  • Advising leaders on how to translate and communicate their vision and strategy into tangible actions.
  • 'Breakthrough Coaching' with high performing executives who suddenly find themselves 'stuck'.
  • Running 'Executive Dynamics' programs to align top teams during high growth or major changes in their organization e.g. M&A, Rebranding, etc.
  • Guiding change managers/agents in how to improve their implementation of change.
  • Improving employee engagement, collaboration and communication in a virtual world.
  • Designing and delivering competence-based learning programs to equip people with the skills and tools to improve performance and implement change successfully.
  • Modeling success factors of high performing individuals so leaders can leverage existing talent and best practices in their organisation.

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AllVision bvba

Merendree - Belgium

Belgium +32 494 92 82 00

Etienne Verhasselt

Etienne is a Harrison Assessments Authorised Solutions Consultant, an Associate Certified Meta-Coach (International Society of Neuro-Semantics), a Master NLP Coach (New York Training Institute For Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and he has a degree in Computer Sciences (HoGent - Belgium). He is a senior buying-selling consultant with more than 25 years experience in sales and account management. He is since 1997 business owner of AllVision.

AllVision helps clients to successfully develop, grow and evolve at all levels of learning and human change.

Etienne works with a wide variety of clients in industries such as: energy, utilities, production and distribution, governmental organisations, audit and accountancy, and a variety of SME's.

Area of expertise

  • Consultancy: talent acquisition, talent development, employee engagement and succession planning, development and re-engineering of sales organizations.
  • Executive coaching: focus is on leadership, management, vision and mission, senior management and CEO roles.
  • Team coaching: focus is on group and team dynamics, interpersonal relationships, organizational development, coaching for motivation, buy-in, responsibility, contribution, productivity, team building, build consensus and understanding, reaching company values and vision, dealing with conflicts and cultural differences, etc.
  • Personal coaching: focus is on an individual's life among health, life/work balance, stress, bore-out and burn-out, lifestyle, relationship and social commitment, sales coaching, etc.
  • Business coaching: focus is on the structure and efficiency of business, self-actualisation of organisations, people management, skill enhancement, interpersonal skills, problem solving, creativity and innovation, etc.
  • Training: the buying-selling paradox, account management, sales management, intra- and interpersonal communication skills, leadership, Management of Self with respect to Time, dealing with cyber-emotions, etc.

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