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"As the workforce becomes more mobile, organizations must invest in programs that facilitate frequent talent mobility, rotational assignments, lateral job changes, and open career opportunities throughout the company."
~ Bersin and Associates Research Report

The Harrison Talent Readiness System enables you to fully engage your employees with internal career planning and succession planning while ensuring you have qualified talent pools at your fingertips.

You can access up-to-date talent pipelines that rank high potentials who are pre-assessed for succession planning according to their job suitability and behavioural competencies. Optionally request high potentials to complete a 5-minute eligibility questionnaire to measure qualifications and run Job Success Analysis Reports comparing individuals to the requirements.

Optional Internal Job Board

Optional Internal Job Board

Each employee has a personal career planning system that ranks each internal job according to his/her likely enjoyment and engagement. The introductory text is fully customisable on all screens. Employees can view jobs ranked in order of suitability, see descriptions and requirements, and click to express interest. In addition, the employee can view their Your Greatest Strengths Reports or Career Development Reports.

Key Benefits

  • Employees are engaged and retained because they are offered an easy way to pursue a career within your company based on their specific employment preferences
  • Succession planning and talent mobility is fully automated, enabling HR to focus on key decisions rather than manual tracking
  • Informed decisions are made due to having a complete view of current performance, education, skills and behavioural competencies as they relate to specific jobs
  • Areas for development, related education, skills and behavioural competencies are clearly identified via the Job Success Analysis reports and Paradox reports
  • The same quality solution is provided for any level of the organization, not just a few management levels at the top

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